IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano was at the Council on Foreign Relations for an hour of on-the-record discussion yesterday. George Perkovich moderated. Here’s the link.


  • IAEA “will keep asking questions” to Iran about PMD in parallel with ongoing P5+1 diplomacy
  • DPRK developments are ”equally worrying” to states in the region–no IAEA verification for three years
  • There is “basic support” for the State-Level Concept for safeguards but member states have questions on “how far we should go” with SLC
  • IAEA Secretariat “is willing to report” to board of governors on SLC
  • “Top of the agenda” for Amano second term are Iran and implementation by all member states of their binding safeguards obligations
  • Investigation showed that hackers stole no safeguards-related information from IAEA servers
  • IAEA will share PMD-related documents and data with Iran after “negotiations” and “when appropriate”
  • IAEA has not identified any masterminds behind PMD-related activities
  • IAEA now knows where on the Parchin site it wants to get access
  • Beyond PMD issue, IAEA wants EIF of AP and compliance with Code 3.1 by Iran